Tips to buy mirror stainless steel flowerpots

Now stainless steel flowerpot manufacturers numerous, the production of products also have their own characteristics. If you want to find a good stainless steel flower pot, so we need to pay attention to good many practical ways, because a lot of products, may look really is very good, but when the actual installation to use, you […]

Reveal Stainless Steel Flowerpot Surface And Custom Process

To describe the beauty of life with the heart of nature, the space is quiet and elegant blooming color of life. Simple fashion, elegant balance of simple lines, meticulous proportion, showing the charm of art and space combination. we wholesale commercial planters Size: any size can be customized according to customer requirements and space size. Surface: flower surface […]

How to properly maintain your stainless steel flower box?

Stainless steel flowerpot maintenance is effortless, because of this, widely by horticulturalists, designers, business professionals prefer to choose stainless steel flowerpot as decoration, stainless steel flowerpot maintenance, the use of the process to pay attention to the following matters. Please wash the metal flower vases with mild water Both indoor and outdoor planters need regular cleaning […]

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How to choose a suitable stainless steel flower pot?

Stainless steel flower potwith stainless steel as raw material, so the corrosion resistance is also very good, and it also has a lot of stainless steel surface treatment processing method, common are sandblasting, plating titanium, mirror, color, drawing and so on many kinds of, plus some processing technology, made a flower pot is not only […]