7 trivias about eyeglass case that 99% of people don’t know

7 trivias about glasses cases that 99% of people don’t know 1. Who invented the earliest glasses case in the world? The earliest glasses case in the world is a leather glasses case invented by Ray-Ban. This Ray-Ban case was originally made of genuine leather. It feels great and is still in the Ray-Ban Museum now. 2. […]

Small glasses case, Full of changes

Small glasses case, Full of changes What is fashion, fashion is to match. The concept of match has been integrated into people’s work, travel, and study life. Girls’ bags, boys’ watches, children’s shoes, and even the old man’s crutches are a kind of matching elements. However, about matching, there is a small role that is […]

A Love from eyeglasses case

One day at the bar, a beautiful girl sat in front of me. At first I was very interested in this beautiful girl. Later, the girl took off her sunglasses and took out a hard eyeglasses case from her bag. I was so amazing about that case as remenber. What kind of case which can […]

What kind of eyeglass case looks cool

Everyone loves some beautiful things, including glasses cases, and the hard glasses case is a very important model. Nowadays, many young people like cool glasses cases, because it is more in line with their style. So what kind of glasses case is the coolest? The following author lists some cool glasses cases. The first is […]

Is the custom glasses case really expensive?

      Now more and more eyewear brands and optical shops like to custom glasses cases,cutomize the brand, address and phone number of their own brand or optical shop on the surface and lining of the glasses case.      Generally speaking, when we talk about cutomizing, many people think that it will be expensive, […]

The difference between leather glasses case and other glasses case

The difference between leather glasses case and other glasses case The leather glasses case is a new type of glasses case, and it is also a very classical glasses case. In fact, the original glasses case is made by leather. Others such as some of hard eyeglass cases are also made by leather while on production. So […]

What kind of occasion is suitable for leather glasses case?

When we talked about the leather glasses case, many people think of Ray-Ban, yes, Ray-Ban’s leather glasses case is really classic, but who knows, there are more beautiful leather glasses case, if You read this article, I believe you will know more about the leather glasses case.Many people have doubts about leather glasses case, is it genuine leather glasses […]

hard glasses case

How many kind of hard glasses case in this market

what is hard glasses case Now days, there are many people use hard eyeglasses case, but do you know how hardness of these hard glasses case, how many kinds of hard glasses case in this market? The author will discuss this issue in this article. In the traditional sense, a hard glasses case usually refers to […]

What is hard glasses case?

Hard glasses case is one of the most popular glasses case in the world, This type of spectacle case can effectively protect the spectacle frame from being squeezed and deformed, and protect the lens from wear and tear. also it usually have a competitive price. I will talk about the characteristics of the hard glasses case […]