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How Does Precision Casting Prevent Rust?

PTJ Shop is a high-tech company integrating investment casting, cnc machining, investment casting equipment, process transfer, and equipment accessories sales. Next, we will share the rust prevention knowledge of precision castings. The corrosion or discoloration of metals or alloys in the atmosphere due to oxygen, moisture, acids, salts and humid air is called rust or […]

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Method For Determining Casting Surface Of Precision Casting

The position of the castings machining in the mold during casting affects the quality, precision and dimensional accuracy of precision castings. Selection principle of pouring position: The important machined surface or main machined surface of precision casting is facing down or on the side: during pouring, gas, slag in the metal liquid and sand particles […]


Coating Preparation Method For Precision Casting

The physical and chemical parameters of silica sol mainly include: SIO2 content, density, Na2o content, PH value, kinematic viscosity, colloidal particle diameter, etc. These physical and chemical parameters mainly affect the shell strength, the stability of the coating and the powder-liquid ratio of the coating.  As it is difficult for precision castings machining enterprises to […]

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Arrangement principle of lathe machining sequence

Arrangement principle of bed processing sequence The principle of lathe first rough and then finish: the cnc machining order of each surface is performed in the order of rough machining leaves semi-finishing finishing precision processing, gradually improving the surface processing accuracy and reducing the surface roughness value. Lathe datum plane first principle: The surface used […]

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What elements does cnc machining post-machining include?

The hardware surface processing subdivision can be divided into: metal oxidation processing, metal spray painting machining, electroplating, surface polishing processing, hardware corrosion machining , etc. Surface processing of hardware parts: Oxidation machining: When a cnc machining shop produces hardware finished products (mainly aluminum parts), it uses oxidation processing to make the surface of the hardware […]

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Good Fixture Selection Is The Key To Success Machining

The high flexibility of CNC four-axis machining center or five-axis linkage cnc machining center requires that its machining fixtures be compact and simpler than ordinary machine tools. Minimize the auxiliary time as much as possible. The operation control is convenient, labor-saving and safe, and it must ensure sufficient rigidity. Be flexible. When choosing the right […]