If we want to custom flexible packaging, what should we pay attention to

If we want to custom flexible packaging, what should we pay attention to?

We know that shopping malls and supermarkets will customize plastic bags with their own logos, and the plastic bags, vacuum bags, and packaging bags used by businesses need to print corporate logos and related content. Therefore, it is necessary to custom flexible packaging. So, what should we pay attention to when custom flexible packaging? 1.Selection of materials […]

Why Are Flexible Laminated Pouches Increasingly Popular

Why Are Flexible Laminated Pouches Increasingly Popular?

As flexible laminated pouches are booming in the packaging industry, it is important to shift to such packaging materials. Flexible bags are one of the popular packaging methods today and are widely used by consumers and institutional products to store, sell and distribute or circulate large quantities of goods. Leading these innovative ways to help add value […]

What is a Kraft Bag Packaging

What is a Kraft Bag Packaging?

Kraft bag packaging are bags made from kraft paper. Kraft paper packaging bag is based on the whole wood pulp paper. The color is divided into white kraft paper and yellow kraft paper. A layer of pp material can be applied to the paper to protect it from water. The strength of the bag can be […]


Why is copper tellurium plating difficult?

The adhesion of vacuum coating is poor and easy to fall off There are many kinds of plating. Are you talking about water plating? The film thickness of water plating is thicker than that of vacuum splash plating, and the film thickness of water plating is generally 15-20um The thickness of the film is generally […]

cnc machining fixtures and jig

Advantages of using large CNC machining centers

Mold and Fixtures machining is an industry that cannot be ignored in the current industrial production process, and the industry has strict requirements on machines. The largest CNC machining center that can meet production needs is the operation of this machine, which is fully integrated with the computer. Shows many advantages in use. 1.Flexible transmission […]

How do I prepare the google professional cloud architect Exam

In the past few months, I have been studying google professional cloud architect dumps and preparing for professional data engineer exams. And the steps I took to get the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer certification. Why do you need to be certified by Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer? Data is everywhere. Moreover, we need to […]

Popularization of Spout Pouch Packaging

Spout pouch packaging became popular in the 1990s. Spout pouch packaging refers to a flexible packaging bag with a horizontal support structure at the bottom and a suction nozzle at the top or side. Its self-supporting structure can stand without any support and stand by itself whether it is open or not. In today’s society where homogenization […]

How Can Packaging for Food Items Promote Product Sales?

Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of modern packaging technology, packaging has become an indispensable part of the sales of goods. In shopping malls and pharmacies, we can look at a variety of packaging products, such as packaging for food items, cosmetics packaging, medical supplies packaging and so on. The application of packaging can improve the competitiveness […]

How to Pass Cisco Exam Successfully?

   Cisco CCNA  Exam is not difficult, mainly to understand the various knowledge points, understand that you will feel very relaxed after the CCNA 200 125 exam dumps.     Choosing materials is very important to the success of the exam. If you attend the training, it may not be a problem. If you are self-study, it is […]