What should we consider when selecting pouches for food packaging

What Should We Consider when Selecting Pouches for Food Packaging?

The food industry is a major industry that has always been linked to the public life and even life. In recent years, the development of the food industry has grown rapidly with the improvement of the public’s living standards, and the food packaging industry has also grown stronger. A variety of food packaging, such as pouches […]

What should I pay attention to when using zip lock pouch-1

What Should I Pay Attention to when Using Zip Lock Pouch?

Zip lock pouch is a kind of bag that can be automatically sealed and sealed. With the development of technology, it has been widely used by people. So where do you want to use the zip lock pouch when you use the bag? 1.To ensure the cleaning of the zipper part of the sealing, if there is […]

ITE Hearing Aids

ITE Hearing Aids: Fit entirely inside the ear, filling the entire outer ear Appropriate for mild to severe hearing losses Accommodate all features available in BTE ITC Hearing Aids: Fit mostly in the ear canal and the bottom half of the outer ear Appropriate for mild to moderately-severe hearing losses Accommodate most of the features […]

The Importance of Sealing the Pet Food Pouches

As people’s material life has gradually increased, the number of pet-raising families has gradually increased, and pets have gradually become one of the important members of the family. The development of pet food industry and pet food pouches has been promoted. The pet’s food is the same as our daily food, and it also has the quality […]

Manufacturers want to quit China, but neither Vietnam nor India match up

India has the manpower, but skill levels fall short and government rules are relatively restrictive Few companies are planning to leave China altogether, but those that heavily clustered production in the country are urgently looking to diversify With the US and China tangled in a nasty trade fight, this should be Vietnam’s time to shine. […]

Custom Coffee Bags Process

How to light the product? In fact, it is to make the outer packaging eye-catching, whether you are a baked bean cooker, a coffee shop manager or a coffee bean trader, when your sales reach a certain amount, you will want to abandon the general packaging bag of the bad street, customized to match the […]

Advantages of Spouted Pouches

Spouted pouches is a flexible bag with a horizontal support structure at the bottom and a nozzle at the top or side; its self-supporting structure can stand without any support and whether it can be opened or not. The self-supporting bag was produced by the French company Thimonier. In 1963, Mr. M. Louis Doyen, CEO of […]

What is the Role of Food Packaging Bags?

What is the role of food packaging bags? To understand the role of packaging bags, we must first understand what is a food packaging bags, which is a container for keeping fresh food and storing food in life. Let us explain in detail the role of food packaging bags. 1.Protect food from damage The food stored in […]


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