Can I wear a hearing aid in sports

Sports is an indispensable part of our life. Sports can strengthen our body, improve our mental health and enrich our social, cultural and recreational life. So for those patients with hearing loss, can we wear hearing aids during the sports?

In fact, it depends on the sports. In most sports, we can wear hearing aids in the process of swimming, but we can’t touch the water. For example, some swimming, diving and other entry projects, although many hearing aids are waterproof now, you can guarantee that you are completely in the process of swimming Can the hearing aid be kept completely harmless during the underwater process?

Secondly, for some patients who wear ear back hearing aids during strenuous exercise, it is easy to fall and lose. When doing these exercises, if your hearing loss is not very serious or light, I suggest you take off the hearing aids first, and then continue to wear them after your exercise. If your hearing loss is not serious, I suggest you take off the hearing aids It’s serious, so I don’t suggest you take off the hearing aid. After all, your hearing loss is serious. Once you take it off, you may not be able to hear some important instructions from the coach or encounter some dangers. If you still insist on wearing the hearing aid for sports, you can wear a hanging rope to fix the hearing aid so as not to fall off.

When we finish sports, it is inevitable to sweat a little. Sweat is different from different water stains. Although 98% of sweat is water, there are also salts, urea, fatty acids, etc. in it. Therefore, compared with general water, sweat is more corrosive to hearing aids.

So after the exercise, we should take off the hearing aid, wipe it with a clean paper towel or dry cotton cloth, and then wipe the sweat around the inner ear and outer ear before wearing the hearing aid.

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