Bosch Suzhou and Telecom Suzhou jointly build a 5G smart factory, creating a “golden signboard” for the local and even national industrial Internet

A few days ago, Bosch Auto Parts (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and China Telecom Suzhou Branch signed a letter of intent for 5G strategic cooperation. The two parties will jointly build a 5G smart factory, focusing on the integration and innovation of “industry + technology + application”, integrating 5G technology into intelligent manufacturing In the scenario, a “data-driven factory” is implemented.

This time, Bosch and China Telecom signed a contract to build a 5G smart factory, which is a model for the first trial of 5G + industrial Internet in the park. In the future, Bosch Suzhou and Suzhou Telecom will take the opportunity of jointly building a 5G smart factory to continue to build a 5G+ industrial Internet benchmark project in the park, forming a replicable and scalable experience, driving the overall industrial development of the park, and becoming the “Golden Signboard of the Industrial Internet in Suzhou and even the whole country.” “.

Source: Bosch Automotive Electronics Division

Since the end of last year, Bosch Automotive Electronics China and even the entire Bosch Group have been investigating the application of 5G in the field of manufacturing. With the strong support and coordination of the Suzhou Industrial Park Management Committee, Bosch Automotive Electronics China and China Telecom Suzhou Branch reached a cooperation agreement in April 2020 to jointly explore 5G technology, help intelligent manufacturing work together, and work together to build the factory of the future. The entire cooperation is implemented in three phases. The first phase is based on China Telecom’s high-quality 5G network to realize the access function for the Production Execution System (MES), and the second phase will complete the integration of 5G and Bosch intranet through 5G+MEC. , and simultaneously carry out the third phase to verify more 5G+ industrial Internet application technology cases in production, including PLC and sensor data backhaul, AGV, high-definition video, machine vision and other scenarios.

In the future, Bosch Automotive will focus on the integration and innovation of “industry + technology + application”, integrate China Telecom’s 5G technology into the intelligent manufacturing scene, help the construction of “smart factory”, and finally realize the vision of “data-driven factory”. That is, through the process of obtaining, analyzing, and applying internal and external data of the enterprise to make decisions, on the basis of realizing the transparency of the whole process of the product value chain, using artificial intelligence and big data analysis and other technologies to better realize process optimization, problem solving and Predictive analytics, comprehensive information exchange and sharing ensure that people are always doing the right thing at the right place at the right time.

As the first batch of manufacturing companies in Bosch’s automotive and intelligent transportation technology business areas to enter the 5G era, Bosch Suzhou will become the first pilot to integrate 5G into actual mass production in Bosch’s world. The first phase of the function is currently planned and will be put into production use in November. By the end of 2020, the integration of 5G and Bosch intranet will be completed, and more technical cases of 5G application in industrial production will be verified simultaneously.

Based on the cooperation between the two parties, Bosch and China Telecom signed a contract to build a 5G smart factory. Deputy Director Lu Yuan, on behalf of the park management committee, hoped that the two parties will take this joint construction of 5G smart factories as an opportunity to continue to build the park’s 5G + industrial Internet benchmark project, form a replicable and promoteable experience, and stimulate the overall industrial development of the park. Become the “golden signboard of the park” “.

As a comprehensive intelligent information service provider and the national team and main force in the construction of a strong network country, Suzhou Telecom actively implements the new development concept and accelerates To develop 5G, so far, more than 6,400 5G base stations have been opened, and more than 300 5G innovative application cooperative enterprises have been established. In the next step, Suzhou Telecom will continue to speed up the construction of new infrastructure such as 5G and big data, continue to give full play to the comprehensive advantages of “5G + cloud + AI” cloud network integration, promote the development of the digital economy, and empower traditional industries. Industry is an important industry for the application of 5G, and 5G technology will surely bring tremendous momentum to the industrial Internet centered on network, platform, and security, and to the field of intelligent manufacturing that requires highly interconnected information infrastructure.

The cooperation between Bosch Suzhou and China Telecom takes smart manufacturing to new heights. At the same time, Bosch Suzhou also cooperated with China Unicom and China Mobile on a number of projects, and jointly explored in various fields such as network technology, application cooperation, and autonomous driving to jointly promote the sustainable development and bright future of the Yangtze River Delta industry. .

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