Best Portable Travel Humidifier

Best Portable Travel Humidifier

Air Mini Humidifier
  • Type No: C3
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Power: 2W-4W
  • Working current: 400-800mA
  • Capacity: 500ml
  • Charing time: 2.5h
  • Working time: 5.5h
  • Battery capacity: 2000mAh
  • Product material: ABS/PP/silicone
  • Email:

Anlian Co.,Ltd  is Designer / Manufacturer / Factory / Wholesaler of Best Portable Travel Humidifier. As an OEM manufacturer, we support our distrbutors to add custom style into the design. The design are as follows, the color, logo, even protable parts and package boxes. We aim at helping our distributors build their own brand and promote their business.

C3 as a Best Portable Travel Humidifier, it’s made of ABS/PP/silicone material, freely held with one hand.

Mutiple Application: increasing humidity and as a aroma diffuser, etc.

Dropshipping and sample business are both welcome via Whatsapp: +86 13480754989.

Smaller portable humidifier
Smaller portable humidifier
Technology of Water-Absorbing Ultrasonic Atomization 

The water is atomized into particles.  Therefore, the water mist can be evenly diffused to achieve uniform humidification and purify the air.

water bottle
water bottle
500ml Water Bottle

500ml Water bottle can store more water, without frequent water supply.

Air Freshener Portable
Air Freshener Portable
Ultrasonic Humidification

Ultrasonic humidification generates uniform and delicate mist.

You can’t underestimate small portable humidifier. It produces a more uniform water mist than a large humidifier to meet your humidifing needs.

Moisturising Skin

Travel USB air mini humidifier keeps moisturised at all times.

Amazingly, it adopts technology of  polymer atomization and keeps your skin well hydrated.

Mini Portable Air Humidifier
Mini Portable Air Humidifier
Battery Life

Its battery life is as long as 5.5 hours.  Thus, you can use the mini mist humidifier in a wireless state.

The air volume is adjusted  to create a comfortable humidity environment.

Visible Power Level

The large-screen control panel makes it easy to see the power level.

As best mini humidifier is light, it can be held with one hand.

Mini Humidifier
Mini Humidifier
3 Colors

As for mini humidifier cute, there are 3 colors for your choice, namely pink, green and white.

As humidifier personal cool mist are small, they are portable to humidify air anywhere, like offices, cars, rooms, etc.

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