Beijing launches autonomous driving test management solution to ensure standardized testing

According to domestic media reports, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Public Security Traffic Management Bureau, and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology jointly issued the notice and rules for the “Implementation Rules for the Administration of Road Tests for Autonomous Driving Vehicles in Beijing (Trial)”.


The above-mentioned detailed rules stipulate in detail the relevant regulations that car companies need to comply with when conducting road tests of driverless cars in the Beijing area, as well as emergency response measures. The implementation of the rules can ensure the legitimate rights and interests of autonomous driving test parties and road traffic participants.

The detailed rules require that the self-driving test vehicle should be able to switch from automatic to manual driving mode immediately, and the test party should also purchase traffic accident liability insurance with an insured amount of not less than 5 million yuan for each test vehicle, or provide not less than 500 yuan per vehicle. RMB 10,000 for the accident compensation letter of automatic driving road test, and submit the Self-Certification of the Compensation Ability of the Test Subject.

At the same time, the above rules allow the recruitment of volunteers for manned testing, but the test party should purchase seat insurance of not less than 2 million yuan per seat per vehicle or necessary commercial insurance such as personal accident insurance of not less than 1 million yuan per person Wait. Test drivers should have more than 50 hours of real vehicle training and more than 3 years of safe driving experience.

In terms of test sites, it is necessary to choose a closed test site for autonomous vehicles identified by the joint working group, and complete a certain mileage test by using a real vehicle or a real vehicle plus a simulation test. The same batch of vehicles should complete the self-driving test of not less than 5,000 kilometers in total, of which each vehicle is not less than 100 kilometers and at least one vehicle has completed the self-driving test of not less than 1,000 kilometers.

In addition, the automatic driving test will be terminated if the following violations occur: the test vehicle violates traffic lights, runs the wrong way, or is subject to serious traffic violations such as temporary suspension, revocation of motor vehicle driver’s license or detention in accordance with road traffic safety laws and regulations; In the event of serious injury, death or vehicle damage caused by a traffic accident, the test vehicle shall be primarily responsible for the above.

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