Basic Knowledge of Custom Cellophane Bags

Now many customers come to order custom cellophane bags and don’t know the specific data of their own bags. Whatever is probably, let us quote, we really can’t quote, so now introduce the basic common sense of custom bags.

Basic Knowledge of Custom Cellophane Bags

1. The number of bags: the specifications of the bags are different, the required order quantity is different, some customers request to report the price first, then determine the quantity, which will make us very difficult, because we produce one thousand bags and production The cost of making the 10,000 bags and the cost of commissioning the machine are the same, so the price of the order is higher, and the price is relatively cheaper.

2.Packaging material: There are new materials, recycled materials and filling materials in the packaging materials. The quality of the custom cellophane bags produced by different materials is quite different, so the price is also very different.

3.Specifications of the packaging bag: The specifications of the packaging bag are divided into four data: length, width, width and thickness. The price caused by each item is different, so the customer cannot ask us for the price, so the price quoted is Inaccurate, especially the thickness, the general customer’s concept of the thickness of the wire is relatively poor, is similar to the packaging bag, this is not accurate, we must know the thickness difference for the custom cellophane bags cost is very large Influence, so I don’t know how to tell us the purpose of the bag and the weighing requirements, we can give you some advice.

Custom Cellophane Bags

4.Packaging bag printing: packaging bag printing is generally single-sided monochrome, single-sided two-color, double-sided monochrome, double-sided two-color, monochrome needs to make a version, two-color two-piece version, and some special colors For example, the price of gold and silver is also higher.

5.Bag style: There are many styles of bags. The difficulty, process and efficiency of production are different, so the price is different. For example, ziplock bags, zipper bags and nozzle bags are relatively simple.

If you need a custom cellophane bags, please contact us. We will do our best to meet your needs.

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