Baidu Apollo Moon cooperative model open experience autonomous driving safety road test reaches 18 million kilometers

On the afternoon of October 28, Baidu’s “Apollo Day” technology open day was held in Beijing. The three cooperative models of Baidu Apollo Moon were collectively unveiled, and the extreme fox version of the model was opened for experience for the first time. At the same time, the Baidu 5G cloud driving enterprise version was also officially released.

According to Wang Yunpeng, vice president of Baidu and general manager of the autonomous driving technology department, at present, the Apollo autonomous vehicle has developed from a single model of the fourth generation to three models of the fifth generation – the Apollo Moon Extreme Fox Edition, Weimar Edition, The Aian version can provide more model choices for “Radish Run” users. The safe road test mileage for autonomous driving has increased from 6 million kilometers to 18 million kilometers. In addition, 5G cloud driving has also expanded from a single remote rescue scenario to enabling the three major landing scenarios of “shared travel services, special operation scenarios, and smart city services”.

Chen Zhuo, Director of Baidu Autonomous Driving Infrastructure Department, released the Apollo 5G Cloud Driving Enterprise Edition. According to reports, Baidu’s 5G “cloud driving” has the advantages of “high safety, fast efficiency, large scale, and many scenarios”. It can handle different faults or risk levels safely and efficiently respond to complex real road scenes. At present, the commercial deployment of 5G cloud driving has been realized, and one cockpit can be equipped with N unmanned vehicles, reducing operating costs.

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