Automotive safety: Infineon AURIX is the world’s first embedded safety controller certified to ISO 26262:2018 standard ASIL-D

[Munich, Germany, April 3, 2020]With the rise of electric vehicles, advanced driver assistance systems and connected driving, there is a growing demand for functionally safe electrical and Electronic systems in vehicles. Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) has reached an important milestone: its second-generation AURIX (TC3xx) microcontrollers have become the first in the world to achieve the highest Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL D) according to the latest version of the ISO 26262 standard. ) certified embedded security controller. The standard proposes a globally binding certification process for the development and production of automotive safety-critical systems. In December 2018, the current version of the standard replaced the original 2011 version. The certification is issued by SGS TUEV Saar.

Peter Schaefer, Vice President and General Manager of Automotive Microcontrollers at Infineon, said: “This certification reinforces our leadership in automotive safety. We identified the safety architecture of the second-generation AURIX microcontrollers before the new ISO 26262. It still meets all the requirements of an ASIL D safety controller. This is possible because we have adopted a holistic safety model to create a complex and robust architecture. Therefore, the second generation of AURIX microcontrollers can provide the The necessary security and trustworthiness.”

The AURIX series has been very successful in safety-related applications. Leading autonomous driving computing platforms use AURIX as their safety master controller. In addition, this family of microcontrollers can be used to process sensor data in radar systems, as well as for engine and transmission control, braking, airbag and steering systems, central gateways, domain controllers, hybrid and electric vehicles, and many other applications.

In addition to the automotive sector, the product family is increasingly used in other safety-critical applications such as commercial vehicles and robotics. Therefore, Infineon’s next step is to obtain IEC 61508 certification. IEC 61508 is a cross-industry basic functional safety standard and the basis for application-specific standards.

AURIX TC3xx devices have up to six processor cores, each clocked at 300 MHz. Up to four processors can have additional lockstep cores. With approximately 3000 DMIPS, AURIX sets the benchmark for functional safety computing capabilities that enable ASIL D certification of safety microcontrollers. Other configurations include a secure internal communication bus and a distributed memory protection system. Furthermore, AURIX allows the integration of software from different sources with different security levels. This enables many operating systems and applications such as steering, braking, airbags and driver assistance systems to be hosted on the same platform.

Infineon now sells the AURIX TC3xx series to a broad range of customers and applications in the distribution market. To facilitate successful deployment by customers, the company provides comprehensive hardware and software support. In addition to starter kits and evaluation boards, a range of application kits are also available. Infineon offers the software development and test kit AURIX Development Studio free of charge. Through the AURIX Forum, developers can discuss issues with each other.

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