Arrangement principle of lathe machining sequence

Arrangement principle of bed processing sequence

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  1. The principle of lathe first rough and then finish: the cnc machining order of each surface is performed in the order of rough machining leaves semi-finishing finishing precision processing, gradually improving the surface processing accuracy and reducing the surface roughness value.
  2. Lathe datum plane first principle: The surface used as the fine datum should be processed first, because the more accurate the positioning datum surface is, the smaller the clamping error will be. Since the lathe’s inverted outer circle is the benchmark of coaxiality, the surface should be machined first, and then other surfaces should be machined.
  3. Lathe’s principle of “first-last-last-last-last: The main working surface of the part and the assembly base surface should be processed first, so that defects that may appear on the main surface of the blank can be found early.” The secondary surface of the lathe can be interspersed and carried out after the main processing surface is processed to a certain degree and before the final finishing.
  4. The principle of lathe is near first and then far: Generally, after the workpiece is clamped, the part close to the tool post is processed first, and the cnc machining part far from the tool post is processed later, in order to shorten the tool moving distance and reduce the idle travel time, Conducive to maintaining the flexibility of blanks or semi-finished products and improving their cutting conditions. For the inner hole of lathe parts, the inner conical hole should be processed first, then the φ30mm inner hole, and finally the φ20mm inner hole.

Processing key technologies:
Key technologies for precision machining of lathe parts The overall comprehensive design technology of lathe parts machine tools. In the design and manufacture of conventional machine tools, there is a great degree of tolerance in all aspects of technology. Each link of the ultra cnc machine shop tool is basically at a technical limit or critical application state.