ARM DynamIQ: A new era of computing technology

We are now in the era of smart connectivity, which is revolutionizing the way we live. Today, technology often helps us make decisions and predict our next move. Many times, my device is able to figure out what I want before I even know what I want. From self-driving cars to biometric data collection, computing is being integrated into every aspect of our lives, helping us measure our physical fitness and make healthier lifestyle choices. These massive amounts of data are collected and transformed into intelligent decisions that make our lives more colorful. This is a new challenge and a new opportunity in the computing industry where a new wave of innovation is poised to take off.

How will this amazing technology of data and computing evolve? It can be found that the demand for computing platforms is becoming more and more in terms of absolute performance and computing scope. These future platforms, powered by artificial intelligence for all-round acceleration, will not only require higher performance than today’s systems, but also higher security (such as autonomous platforms such as cars and robots) in order to increase the level of intelligence in consumer-grade devices, bring hybrid Reality and other new experiences.

On the one hand, the demand for computing will continue to accelerate, and on the other hand, all computing systems, large and small, face power and thermal constraints, so ultra-efficient processing is still required. All systems have the dual need for privacy and security, as building trustworthy and secure solutions is critical to the future of all of us.

ARM currently has a line of CPUs that our partners have used to drive innovation in computing for the past 20 years. Together, we’ve changed the way the world thinks about computing, and 3.5 billion people around the world are adopting ARM-based computing devices. However, the challenges we’ve just highlighted also present an opportunity to redefine computing once again in terms of CPUs, changing how and where the computing industry meets future market demands.Let me show you how ARM’s engineers are innovating for the future

Today’s technology makes tomorrow’s equipment

ARM DynamIQ technology is the basis for future ARM Cortex-A processors.

ARM DynamIQ: A new era of computing technology

· The technology adopts a new single-cluster design, including up to 8 heterogeneous CPUs, supporting different configurations such as 1+7 (that is, 1 large CPU and 7 small CPUs), 2+4, and 1+3, which can create a Extended solution

Advanced computing capabilities designed for higher AI computing performance on the CPU

The redesigned memory subsystem is shared by all cores in the cluster, making it more responsive and efficient

· More flexibility, can choose whether to use small core configuration, suitable for different market needs of smartphones and smartphones

Built-in hardware features for improved energy savings and greater efficiency

DynamIQ revolutionizes how computing is implemented, helping to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence and disrupt computing devices of all kinds.

What are the benefits of DynamIQ technology? How does it solve the aforementioned market challenges?

1. Faster and more complex data processing capabilities can be widely used in advanced technology fields such as artificial intelligence

2. Intelligent power management features will give products higher energy efficiency

3. Product differentiation and richer user experience to meet all market needs

Safe, high-speed, efficient and complex data processing for artificial intelligence

DynamIQ technology will enable a 50x increase in AI computing performance over the next 3-5 years compared to previous systems. For higher AI performance, we boost accelerator access performance through dedicated low-latency ports, resulting in up to 10x faster responsiveness. Higher data transfer speeds coupled with higher data bandwidths can meet the overall throughput needs of a computational vision or machine learning system.

Taken together, these features better protect data privacy and achieve higher data security by offloading more computing tasks to the device. Doing more computing on the CPU means less personal data in the cloud, resulting in a safer AI experience for you.

In addition, safety-related application performance improves due to reduced decision-making and execution delays in AI use cases such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for autonomous vehicles. These improvements, combined with a series of measures to avoid system failures, have brought safety integrity to SIL 3 and ASIL D levels.

Improve energy efficiency with new smart power features

DynamIQ technology adds intelligent power management features to the cluster to improve device energy efficiency and maximize device functionality. This means unprecedented data processing power and performance for a richer experience, even in the smallest devices with thermal and cost constraints.

DynamIQ supports multiple configurable performance domains within a single cluster. These domains consist of single or multiple ARM CPUs, enabling finer scaling in performance and power than previous 4-core clusters. This means finer tuning within thermal limits for longer lasting performance. This is especially important in virtual reality (VR) applications, which require sustained performance over extended periods of time in slim devices with limited battery power and cooling capabilities.

DynamIQ technology also utilizes a faster hardware-controlled automatic power state transition mechanism, which reduces the delay between power states (such as on, off, and sleep) supported by ARM Cortex-A series CPUs. Not only does this reduce the time it takes to power the CPU, making it more responsive, it also enables faster power-saving states such as hibernation or shutdown, resulting in better power savings.

Another important feature of this technology is automated CPU memory power management, which intelligently adapts to the currently available local memory based on the type of application being run. . Applications that require extreme computing performance, such as augmented reality (AR), will have the maximum amount of local memory at their disposal, while light-duty applications such as music streaming will have less memory, saving power from memory consumption.

Product differentiation and new performance classes

DynamIQ technology refines product differentiation through a wide variety of new configuration options that not only bring greater flexibility and scalability, but ultimately allow customers to design the right product to meet the needs of all markets.

Using a DynamIQ cluster allows both high-performance “big” CPUs and high-efficiency “small” CPUs to be placed into a single cluster with shared coherent memory. As a result, the technology not only enables significant performance gains from tighter, more consistent systems, but also exhibits unprecedented flexibility and choice in CPU cluster design, resulting in more specialized solutions . Another advantage is that each CPU can be scaled at different frequencies, enabling the creation of custom solutions ranging from slimline devices to servers.

Homogeneous processing systems such as Networking especially benefit from higher data throughput by putting 8 fully coherent CPUs in a single cluster. When deployed with the ARM CoreLink CMN-600, DynamIQ will scale to a large-scale multi-cluster system for the infrastructure market.

What impact will DynamIQ technology have?

The properties of new technologies will have a profound impact on where and how computing happens. E.g:

· Nearly limitless configuration options represent a new level of flexibility and scalability to create different levels of solutions and performance; this will give consumers more choice and build a device to meet their needs

· Built-in power-saving features support innovations from the device to the cloud.From slimmer devices and longer-lasting batteries to energy savings in servers, power efficiency benefits can benefit all markets

Bringing intelligent computing to the device can not only improve data security and protect data privacy, but also achieve faster response speed, whether at home, in the car or in the cloud, you can enjoy artificial intelligence

ARM DynamIQ technology is the new foundation for a new generation of smart devices, enabling a smarter, faster and more powerful user experience. From slimmer devices to cloud-based solutions, DynamIQ technology continues to drive innovation wherever computing penetrates.

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