Application of Beryllium Copper in the Industry

Beryllium copper, also known as beryllium bronze, is the “elasticity” of copper alloys. After solid solution aging heat treatment, high strength and high conductivity products can be obtained. High-strength cast beryllium bronze alloy, after heat treatment, not only has high strength, high hardness, but also has the advantages of wear resistance and corrosion resistance, excellent casting performance, beryllium copper alloy is suitable for manufacturing various molds, explosion-proof safety tools, wear-resistant Such as cams, gears, worm gears, bearings, etc. Highly conductive cast beryllium copper alloy with high electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity after heat treatment. Beryllium copper alloy is suitable for manufacturing switch parts, strong contact and similar current-carrying components, making resistance welding clamps, electrode materials and plastic molds. , Inner sleeve of mold for hydroelectric continuous casting machine, etc.
 High beryllium copper has the characteristics of high strength, high hardness, high conductivity, high elasticity, wear resistance, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and small elastic hysteresis. It is mainly used for temperature controllers, mobile phone batteries, computers, automotive parts, micro Motors, brush pins, bearings, glasses, contacts, gears, punches, various non-sparking switches, various welding electrodes and precision casting molds.
 The high-performance beryllium copper is mainly used in various working conditions of non-ferrous metal low-pressure and gravity casting molds. Through in-depth study of the internal causes of failure, composition and resistance to liquid metal corrosion of beryllium bronze molds, it has developed high conductivity (thermal), high High-performance beryllium bronze mold material combining strength, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, high toughness, and resistance to metal liquid erosion, solves the domestic low-pressure non-ferrous metals, gravity casting molds are easy to crack, easy to wear and other problems, which significantly improves the mold life And casting strength; overcome the metal slag adhesion and erosion of the mold; improve the surface quality of the casting; reduce production costs; make the life of the mold close to the import level. The high-performance beryllium copper mold material has a hardness between 38-43, a density of 8.3g / cm3, and the main additive element is beryllium, which contains beryllium 1.9% -2.15%. It is widely used in plastic injection molding molds for internal inserts, Die core, die-casting punch, hot runner cooling system, thermal nozzle, integral cavity of blow mold, automobile mold, wear plate, etc.