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App Store Connect background seems to be a bug, App screenshots cannot be uploaded!

ASOWorld data information: On the afternoon of January 20th, many users reported that there was an exception when updating App screenshots in the App Store Connect background: the image could not be stored normally. After clicking the “Submit for review” button, it prompts “There are still screenshots being uploaded “And other information.

In the “App Preview and Screenshot” position, although it prompts that the file has been uploaded, it cannot be displayed. So far, many developers have received feedback on this issue, and ASOWorld Data has also tested it. This kind of problem does exist.

According to user feedback, this situation began to appear this morning, and the deadline has not returned to normal. The preliminary judgment is that there is an abnormality in the App Store Connect backend. Developers can focus on this phenomenon when submitting screenshots to avoid unsuccessful screenshot submission. ASOWorld Data will continue to pay attention to this issue and synchronize with everyone in time after recovery.

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App Store’s reduced commission plan for small businesses and independent developers is now open for registration

On December 3, Apple officially announced that the plan to reduce commissions for small businesses and independent developers has been opened for registration. The commissions for eligible apps through paid downloads and in-app purchases will be reduced. To 15%.

Earlier, on November 18, Apple announced that it would reduce commissions for App Store small businesses and independent developers. App Store commission fees will be reduced to 15% by then, and specific conditions will be announced in early December. Yesterday, Apple announced the application conditions and procedures as scheduled.

Application conditions

Developers who meet the following conditions can apply for commission reduction:

Developers who list products on the App Store for the first time, or developers and their associated developer accounts, must not exceed $1 million in total revenue in 2020 (deducting Apple commissions, certain taxes, and adjusted sales), And this year’s income does not exceed 1 million US dollars.

Developers with reduced commission qualifications whose income exceeds the $1 million limit will be charged at the standard commission rate for the rest of the year; developers who earn more than $1 million in the next year will not be eligible to participate in the next year’s Reduce the commission plan.

If the developer’s business income is less than US$1 million in the next year, he can re-qualify for 15% commission in the following year.

Developers must list all associated accounts before they can apply for commission reduction.

application process

When applying, you only need to fill out a short registration form, which mainly includes 3 parts:

1. Fill in the Apple Developer Program account holder

2. View (and accept) the payment application agreement

3. List all associated developer accounts


Developers need to note that users who register before 10:00 am, December 18, 2020, Pacific Standard Time, can receive plan benefits before January 1, 2021; users who register later will be registered in the accounting calendar month of approval Get plan benefits within 15 days after the end.

In addition, applications that participate in the reduced commission plan are not allowed to transfer applications during the participation in the plan. If the application transfer is initiated after December 31, 2020, it will lose the eligibility to participate in the plan. Developers who need to transfer applications need to do so in advance ready.


The plan to reduce commissions for small businesses and independent developers is good for developers. The current application process is not cumbersome. Developers who meet the conditions can try to apply as soon as possible to enjoy the benefits of reduced commissions.