ams introduces new active stereo vision system

16 October 2019, ams, a leading global provider of high-performance sensor solutions, today announced a new portfolio of active stereo vision technologies, enabling manufacturers of consumer electronics, notebooks and industrial products to deliver lower cost , making it easier to implement facial recognition and other 3D sensing applications. ams is a leader in three 3D sensing technologies: structured light, time of flight and active stereo vision (ASV).

Building on its extensive 3D experience, ams is adding Active Stereo Vision technology products to its portfolio to meet the needs of more and different 3D sensing applications, while helping to lower product prices in the mobile handset market. Major smartphone OEMs are expected to launch the first products using ams ASV technology this fall. In addition, the new ASV technology can also be applied in different industries such as laptops, smart homes and smart buildings.

Lukas Steinmann, Vice President and General Manager of the 3D Sensing Modules and Solutions business line at ams, said: “While smartphone manufacturers have pioneered the use of facial recognition in high-end consumer electronics, the depth map that facial recognition relies on Supporting many potential product use cases not only in the consumer market, but also in the industrial and automotive markets. ams has found a new, simpler and lower cost way to generate depth maps, which is useful in the wider The realization of 3D sensing applications in end products opens up many more possibilities.”

3D depth map with ASV technology for smartphones, Home and Building Automation (HABA) and Internet of Things (IoT)

ams has developed a new hardware and software solution to generate accurate 3D depth maps through ASV technology, using dual infrared cameras to sense objects (illuminated by tiny laser emitters). Systems supplied by ams include: ams’ Belago product, a vertical resonant cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) emitter that projects a semi-random high-density lattice model on a target; ams semiconductor‘s PMSILPlus (VCSEL) illuminator, which uses an improved wafer-level light-diffusing component to uniformly illuminate the target plane; dual infrared cameras; ams software, which uses emission feature points captured by the cameras to Generation of depth images; ams system calibration software; and ams facial recognition software.

The new ASV solution from ams produces highly accurate and accurate depth maps for specific objects, such as human faces. Compared to structured light solutions, it is more cost-effective, does not compromise the quality and resolution of the depth map, and facilitates the assembly process.

The depth maps generated using ams’ ASV technology are so accurate that facial recognition can meet payment-grade quality standards for the first time. They can also be used in other 3D sensing applications, such as: AR/VR using real-time localization and mapping (SLAM); driver monitoring in automotive systems; 3D scanning in smart factory production systems; and Electronic door locks and point-of-sale terminal system.

The released version of ams’ ASV reference design is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform optimized for mobile phones. It also leverages ams’ expertise in designing and producing wafer-level optics. The improved Belago illumination module can fully focus the entire area that the IR camera can reliably capture, generating a random high-contrast lattice pattern. By integrating wafer-level optics, ams minimizes design options while maintaining high optical quality: the latest Belago devices are housed in a 4.2mm x 3.6mm x 3.3mm package, ideal for integration into smart Cell phones and other space-constrained designs.

Both Belago and PMSILPlus transmitters have integrated eye-safe interlocks that automatically shut down the device in the event of a cracked or dislodged lens.

About ams

ams designs and manufactures high-performance analog sensor solutions. The company’s vision is to create a perfect world by providing seamless interaction between people and technology through sensor solutions.

High-performance sensor solutions from ams drive applications that require small form factor, low power consumption, high sensitivity, and multi-sensor integration. The company provides products including sensor solutions, sensor ICs, interfaces and related software to customers in the consumer, communications, industrial, medical and automotive markets.

Headquartered in Austria, ams employs approximately 9,000 people worldwide and serves more than 8,000 customers worldwide.

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