Advantech’s Embedded Computing Platform Solution Enables Robotic Automation Industry Applications

With the gradual disappearance of the domestic demographic dividend, the accelerated aging of the population, and the rising cost of enterprise labor, the vast majority of enterprises, especially manufacturing enterprises, have to consider replacing labor with machines, which has spawned hundreds of billions of dollars.robotmarket.Under this opportunity, the domesticRobot EnterpriseBlossoming everywhere, involving special services, warehousing and logistics,industrymanufacturing and many other industries.As a leader in the embedded industrial control industry, Advantech is also working onrobotManufacturing companies provide excellent embedded computing platform solutions.

Advantech’s Embedded Computing Platform Solution Enables Robotic Automation Industry ApplicationsRobot real-time control solution

Advantech’s solution uses 3.5-inch robot-specific motherboard MIO-5850 with RTOS-RDCAT software solution to achieve microsecond real-time control.

Program features:

Hardware platform:

① Intel Atom fourth-generation Bay Trail quad/dual-core processor

② Onboard 4G memory & 32G eMMC, -40-85℃ industrial wide temperature, strong and reliable

③ 3 LAN, isolated CAN Bus, specially designed for robot industry applications

software platform:

① Windows interactive interface and C/C++ development environment

② Microsecond real-time performance, as low as 1000us

③ Support EtherCat, Modbus, CANOpen and other industrial protocols

④ Support mainstream servers such as Yaskawa, Delta, and Sanyo

Embedded computing platform solution recommendation: wide performance coverage and multi-platform options

Advantech provides embedded computing platform solutions including X86 and ARM. X86 products cover a wide range of performance from ATOM to Core i, and also have various planning sizes to meet a variety of application requirements; ARM products use NXP, TI, etc. from A8- The core processor of A9 supports Android, Linux, RT Linux and other operating systems.

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Embedded Software Services: Empowering Hardware to Accelerate Product Innovation

Advantech provides a wealth of embedded software services, including embedded operating systems, BIOS services, IoT software WISE-Paas/Device On, etc., and also supports customization. These embedded software services help reduce design effort and project complexity, and accelerate product innovation and development.

About Advantech

Advantech was established in 1983, with the brand vision of “Promoting the Smart Earth”, focusing on the industrial Internet of Things and smart city industries, providing software and hardware integration solutions. Advantech’s business is distributed in 26 countries around the world, with nearly 8,000 employees. With a strong technical service and marketing network, Advantech provides customers with localized and responsive services. At the same time, Advantech gathers the power of industry partners to actively create a cooperative and win-win IoT ecosystem and accelerate the implementation of IoT applications.

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