Advantech industrial storage, a comprehensive solution for industrial applications!

With more than ten years of experience in the embedded market, Advantech has developed an excellent industrial storage solution, SQFlash, and provided a full range of product support and value-added services. Advantech SQFlash SSDs are designed for industrial operation with high reliability, high durability, excellent compatibility and security. All products support TCG-OPAL encryption, AES-256 encryption, and Advantech’s unique Fix-BOM service.

Advantech industrial storage, a comprehensive solution for industrial applications!

SQFlash SSD series supports various interfaces, such as SATA, PCIe/NVMe and PATA/IDE, covering various forms, including 2.5” SATA, mSATA, M.2, DOM, CFast, halfslim and other specifications and sizes, which can meet the needs of industrial users Various application scenarios.

Industrial design for ultra-durability. Advantech SQFlash SSD adopts high-quality original chips, strict 100% verification and testing, supports industrial-grade wide temperature -40°C~85°C, 7×24 hours uninterrupted working intensity, provides high durability for industrial applications, and is stable and reliable. Program.

Comprehensive data security assurance – Data security is the core of Advantech’s solutions. Advantech’s SQFlash series provides comprehensive protection, including data encryption (TCG-OPAL, FIPS), data secure erasure, and abnormal power-off protection.

SQ Manager intelligent monitoring software. Cloud-based remote monitoring is an open software platform that can provide visual and high-reliability operations. It also integrates remote monitoring to dynamically monitor product speed, service life, and temperature status. Users can download, install and use for free, and support McAfee and Acronis software for data security and backup.

3D NAND flash technology update iteration. Due to the increasing demand for storage in the market, 3D NAND flash technology has emerged in line with the mainstream. Compared with the previous generation 2D NAND Flash technology, 3D NAND Flash (BiCS) has high density, large capacity, high speed, high reliability and low power consumption. Consumption and other characteristics, occupy a greater advantage in the market.

3D sTLC Cenozoic Storage Particles. The main advantage of 3D sTLC is that it can be erased and written up to 30,000 times, which is ten times more durable than ordinary industrial SSDs, and its write performance is improved by 3 times. It can provide up to 10 DWPD write capacity. At the same time, it can be used in a wide temperature range of -40~85℃, and the working temperature of vehicle grade.

Industry application

medical equipment. The failure of medical machinery and equipment in the operating room can lead to death or injury, therefore, industrial medical applications require storage and memory with excellent stability, longevity, safety and durability. Advantech provides customized products, long life cycle, and stable Fix-BOM solutions to ensure the stability and safety of equipment.

automated industry. Industrial automation applications require storage solutions with excellent stability, data security, long life and durability. The high-frequency write function for automated applications makes the high-endurance design and 3-year warranty particularly important. Advantech provides sTLC and Ultra MLC solutions, which are suitable for applications with particularly high life cycle requirements, and their durability is 10 times that of MLC.

Smart traffic. Due to harsh operating environments and stringent certification requirements, rugged design and long service life are common requirements for transportation applications. Advantech offers SQFlash and SQRAM products with market-leading durability and a 3-5 year lifespan. This improves product reliability in applications such as traffic monitoring, data logging and infotainment.

Aerospace/Defense. To meet wide temperature and high temperature challenges and ensure full-time continuous operation in military and aerospace applications, Advantech provides ruggedized storage and memory to meet military demands for non-volatile, high-security, and high-reliability solutions. Advantech provides solutions with complete security features, including data encryption, emergency erase, power-down protection, support software McAfee and Acronis security and backup, and multi-functional to ensure data security.

5G communication. Advantech provides the latest storage and memory solutions, such as DDR4/DDR5 and high-speed PCIe 3×4/PCIe 4×4 SSDs, to provide the industry with product solutions with high performance, extra-large capacity and long battery life.

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