Advantages and disadvantages of high-speed machining centers

The high-speed machining center has a large investment in one-off projects and needs to be equipped with other auxiliary equipment, such as CNC blade system software. What are the advantages of having a defect? Below are the advantages of high-speed machining centers.

First, high-speed machining centers are cnc manufactured with high efficiency. Not only can save the work of line drawing, detection in the middle, etc., but also because of its fully automatic tool change function, it can generally save complicated work clothes, reduce the relative complexity of the installation, adjustment and several times of tool setting And tedious work. The CNC machining center can use the best processing technology route and durable tools, reasonably reduce the auxiliary time in production and processing, and then increase productivity.

Second, the high-speed machining center has strong adaptability and good coordination. The CNC machining center can conveniently maintain multiple different production and processing processes such as punching, reaming, boring, boring, tapping, milling internal holes and grooving of shell parts, so it can be produced and processed. The wheel gallery looks very complicated or can’t manipulate the specification parts, such as fan impeller, engine housing and other parts. It can produce and process complicated graph-like parts and their relatively complicated three-dimensional space bevels. Third, the high-speed machining center has high precision and stable production and processing quality. The automatic tool change function of the CNC machining center can reasonably reduce the frequency of clamping of steel parts, reduce or eliminate the precise positioning deviation caused by several clampings, and improve production and processing precision. When the precision of each part of the part is high, the automatic tool change function of the CNC machining center can very conveniently and reasonably reduce the accuracy of positioning and tool setting deviation, and it can complete the whole process of one-time clamping and one-time tool setting. The production and processing of each position is performed during the process to ensure the precision of the parts of each production and processing position.
Fourth, it can improve economic returns. A CNC lathe in the CNC machining center centralizes the functions of several types of machines such as CNC lathes, planers, and tapping machines. It can reduce the total number of CNC lathes in the company, because one person can actually operate it separately. Several CNC machining centers have reduced the actual operating staff, and the labor costs have been relatively reduced; in addition, there are CNC machine tools. These are the main performances of the company’s overall strength, which will promote the increase of a large amount of business volume, the mass production of commodities and the efficient improvement of their production and processing, thereby increasing economic returns.
There are various high-speed prototyping machining centers, so in the case of selection, you must carefully carry out the purchase in accordance with your own regulations, otherwise the level of advantage will become a defect.