Accelerating Commercial IoT Prototyping with ARM mbed and Maxim Microcontrollers

Beijing, China, November 5, 2015 Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. (NASDAQ: MXIM) announces the MAX32600MBED as the latest member of the ARM® mbed™ IoT device platform project, which enables mbed engineers and IoT developers to rapidly develop MAX32600 microcontroller (MCU) embedded system.

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High-resolution image of the MAX32600MBED:

Design Guidelines:

To make it easier and faster to design Internet of Things (IoT) products with differentiated chips, Maxim provides corresponding software libraries and development hardware support for MCU prototyping under the mbed operating system. The MAX32600MBED includes the ARM Cortex®-M3-based microcontroller MAX32600. The prototype area includes an adjacent high-precision analog front end (AFE), I/O with Arduino®-compatible connectors, and 100mil x 100mil header I/O, USB ports and other general-purpose I/O devices.

main advantage

Faster time-to-market: Complete software, tools, architecture, and support community that greatly simplifies design

Built-in safety features: reliable protection unit included on board

Low power consumption: 1.5µA standby current, 175µA/MHz operating current, and keep SRAM active


“Maxim has a long history of developing microcontrollers for specific market applications, and now we offer an mbed-enabled platform that opens up our security, analog and low-power technologies. In subsequent Maxim microcontrollers, we will continue to support the mbed ecosystem, making it easy for designers to create secure, low-power IoT applications.”

Zach Shelby, vice president of marketing for ARM’s IoT business, said: “Product security is an important consideration for enterprises looking to increase efficiency through IoT deployments. Maxim’s high-security, low-power, mixed-signal microcontrollers greatly simplify IoT product development that is sure to be very popular in the growing mbed community.”

Availability and Pricing Information

The MAX32600MBED development platform is priced at $49 on Maxim’s official website.

Debut at ARM TechCon

The MAX32600MBED development platform will be showcased at Maxim’s booth in the mbed area during the 2015 ARM Developer Conference (November 11-12, Santa Clara, CA).

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About Maxim Integrated

Maxim is committed to providing advanced analog integration solutions for automotive, cloud data center, mobile consumer, and industrial applications. Our miniaturized, intelligent and efficient solutions help customers meet the design requirements of highly integrated applications.

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