A new player in domestic memory: Zhaoyi innovative self-developed DRAM chip mass production

Last year, China imported more than 350 billion US dollars of integrated circuits, of which about 25-30% were memory chips, mainly NAND flash memory and DRAM memory, and the main suppliers were Samsung, SK Hynix, Micron, Toshiba, and Western manufacturers.

There are also two main domestic memory chip manufacturers, namely Changjiang Storage and Changxin Storage. Changxin Storage mainly focuses on NAND flash memory, while Changxin Storage focuses on DRAM memory.

A new player in domestic memory: Zhaoyi innovative self-developed DRAM chip mass production

And now, there is a new player in domestic memory, and that is Zhaoyi Innovation. On June 3, the domestic memory chip giant GigaDevice announced that its first self-owned brand 4Gb DDR4 product, the GDQ2BFAA series, has been mass-produced, realizing comprehensive localization from design, tape-out, packaging, testing, and verification.

The DDR4 chip mass produced by Zhaoyi Innovation this time is 19nm, which is basically the same as Changxin’s current 19nm process, and the next process is expected to be 17nm, which will be realized around the end of 2021 or early 2022.

So what are the current Samsung and Micron processes? Because in the memory field, everyone does not directly say how many nanometer processes are, but 1Xnm, 1Ynm, 1Znm, 1αnm, 1βnm, 1γnm are replaced.

The process that Samsung and Micron said to the outside world is 1αnm process, which is actually 14nm process, while the innovative 19nm process of Changxin Storage and Zhaoyi is called 1Xnm. Obviously, compared with the world’s best Samsung, there is only a gap of 3nm. Now, try hard, maybe you will catch up.

Why does GigaDevice achieve 0 breakthroughs so easily in the memory field? Because GigaDevice is a memory chip manufacturer. Founded in 2005, GigaDevice has been in the memory chip field for 16 years, but won the Many firsts.

For example, it has successfully developed the first domestic SPI NOR Flash product, the first static memory and IP technology, and launched the first domestic 32 general-purpose MCU product based on the ARM Contex-M3 core.

In addition, GigaDevice is also the world’s No. 1 fabless NOR Flash supplier. The market share of SPI NOR Flash is the first in China and the third in the world. field, it seems logical.

However, it should be noted that Zhaoyi Innovation is also a Fabless model, that is, it does not produce chips by itself, only designs chips, and then hand them over to professional chip foundry companies for production. Previously, Zhaoyi Innovation’s orders were mostly handed over to SMIC. It is not clear who will produce the second DRAM.

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