5 Tips for PMP Exam Certifications

1. PMBOK is a teaching material, but I personally do not recommend it as the main preparation material. There are more than 500 pages in the body part. If you read one page at a time, it is easy to be calm, because the contents are too boring, and various tools and techniques are explained repeatedly. I carefully gave up a dozen pages and gave up. . The really efficient way is to first grasp the main structure of the entire book with relevant information notes

2. The 49 processes are really complicated because the five phases are not clearly defined. For example, the five phases of initializing, planning, execution, controlling, and closing are not one by one in chronological order. If you consider them in chronological order, It is interspersed with a small amount of conducting, conducting and controlling in planning. Several tasks in planning are continuously updated from the beginning to the end … The problem is that you will find a lot of excessive relationships that directly test various processes. So be sure to figure Evedumps PMP Dumps out.

3. ITTO must remember that many questions are directly or indirectly asked to ITTO, remember to answer them, and if you ca n’t remember, you have to guess. Memorization techniques are unique to each process in the order output–input–tools & tech.

4. Many confusing options will appear in the title. For example, the difference between the content recorded in the risk register and the risk report should be understood. For example, the differences and boundaries between quality management and quality control. It should be clear which process belongs to some activities. .

5. Brushing questions is very important. Simulated questions from online or training institutions are almost the same as real test questions, so I think you can default the brushed questions to be real questions. By checking the questions to fill in the gaps, and checking the detailed explanation of PMBOK in the confused place, you can further clarify the relationship between more complex “processes”.

In addition, many institutions in the United States have a large number of free CISSP Exam Dumps questions, which is enough. Pay attention to the speed of the problem when you brush, and try not to exceed one minute per question. There will be a lot of knowledge points beyond PMBOK during the problem-solving process. If you have the energy, I recommend that you master them, but I did not find that one of the questions exceeded the textbook during the real test.