4 key points you should think first when you choose a Chinese manufacturer

With the improvement of living standards of consumers, the requirements for all aspects of products are getting higher and higher.
At the same time, brand competition is becoming more and more fierce, dealers choose manufacturers like walking in fog that is difficult to see the real.

The problem dealers facing is not that they have no products to sell, but is difficult to choose more excellent products.
Therefore, dealers need to have more lasting, stable and active cooperation when choose the products of a certain manufacturer.

I would suggest you with the following 4-dimensional assessment:

First of all: strength

Key to find china factory

No matter what manufacturer you need, strength inspection is very important.
Otherwise, if the manufacturer is “off, stop” in the middle, or even the manufacturer you contact does not have a production base at all, then you are self-defeating.

Regarding strength, the questions you need to know specifically include:

  1. Corporate background: (history; company size; quality and quantity of staff)
    It includes basic information such as changes in the history of the company, the size of the company, the number of employees and the quality.
    This basic information determines the manufacturer’s production capacity.
    Cooperating with a manufacturer with strong production capacity is also the basic guarantee for your product sales.
  2. Sales status: (economy state; capital chain)
    The financial flow of the manufacturer can indirectly reflect information such as product quality and market share.
    Sales status directly affects the manufacturer’s ability to develop
  3. Production operating rate: (equipment; sales volume)
    You should know the manufacturer’s production equipment capacity and actual sales volume in the exchange.
    Of course, you can also ask to visit the factory on the spot, directly observe and measure.
  4. Product line combination: (rich product line; professional skills)
    Is the enterprise product line rich or professional?
    A mature company must have a mature product chain that generally meets the needs of your accompanying products.
  5. Development capabilities: (potential; technical)
    You need to understand the equipment and technical capabilities of manufacturers to develop new products.
    Judging the prospects and survival strength of the manufacturers to facilitate your own long-term development

In short, it is impossible to judge the production and technical capacity of the manufacturer only referring to the virtual information (brochure, website, poster pictures and text content, etc.)

If you have the time, try to out and visit the site.


How to find china manufacturer
Comprehensive business ability

Cooperate with manufacturer in China, it is very important that whether he has reputation, reliable.

Specific needs to know the following questions:

  1. Honest and punctual returns, rebates and rewards.
    Rebate, reward delay too long or even broken promises. Then the manufacturer’s internal business statistics and accounting is chaotic.
    At some point, you may lose your advance funds.
  2. Stable senior management structure.
    Whether the management personnel are changed frequently. It can reflect the business condition of the enterprise.
    Only stable business, your order can be accurately completed.

Third: products

Faith will affect how to find china manufacturer
Good faith and Profits

Stable and durable product quality:

  1. Stability:
    Some manufacturers lack of excellent technical team or itself is only a shell manufacturers.
    Product quality is not uniform, frequent problems.Such a manufacturer is not suitable for your partner.
  2. Persistence:
    The manufacturer imitated the high quality product outer packing to cheat the dealer, in order to obtain the one-time profit.
    Such manufacturers do not have the goal of sustainable operation, nor can they be the object of cooperation.

Fourth: sales personnel quality

4 key about how to find china factory
China manufacturer and industry

Good sales people don’t take advantage of competitors by belittling their products and reputations.
Employees don’t have unrealistic comments.
A smart dealer should be concerned not only with products, but also with character.

To sum up,

  • 1. Long-term sustainability, not low prices.
  • 2. With a reasonable product system, its own network channels, and suitable social resources.
  • 3. According to the existing channels or new channels, whether the brand positioning of the product itself and the product manufacturer in the market should be combined.
  • 4. The manufacturer with production base is the guarantee of product strength and usually a reliable partner

Reference source: https://sipxmach.com/36-ways-to-verify-china-supplier-not-a-trading-company/