4-Channel Transistor Output Photocouplers That Contribute to High Density Mounting of Insulated Low and Medium-Speed Communication Interfaces

Product News 2022-03

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation ("Toshiba") has launched 4-channel transistor output photocouplers (hereafter called transistor couplers) “TLP294-4” and “TLP295-4,” which have standardized the input threshold voltage of the LEDs and use the SO16 package.

TLP294-4 is an AC input type and TLP295-4 is a DC input type. They feature shorter propagation delay time than Toshiba’s current transistor couplers[1] by incorporating a discharging resistor for base stored charge of the transistor. The existing transistor couplers have been used for applications in which communication speed is up to around 10 kbps, but the new products support 10 to 20 kbps, making them suitable for FA equipment such as programmable logic controllers and inverters, and insulated communication interface applications. As 4-channel products, they allow high density mounting.

In terms of insulation performance, they feature a minimum creepage distance of 5 mm and a minimum isolation voltage of 3.75 kVrms, and they have been certified to international safety standards such as UL1577 and EN 60747-5-5. So, they are also suitable for applications requiring high insulation performance.

  • Programmable logic controllers
  • I/O interface
  • AC servo
  • Current transfer ratio : IC/IF=100 % (min)
  • High/Low level input threshold voltage :
    VITH=1 V (min)
    VITL=5 V (max)
  • Short propagation delay time:
    tpHL=50 μs (max)
    tpLH=100 μs (max)

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