25mm Wide 60mm Deep Carbon Clincher Road Rims 700C

Specification Of 60mm 700C Rims һһRC60C

Model RC60C Brake ? Track Basalt/Disc Brake
Material Full Carbon T700 Spoke ? Hole 16/18/20/21/24/28H
Rim ? Width 23mm Max ? Spokes Tension 130kgf
Internal ? Width 16mm Max ? Tyre Pressure 125Psi/8.5Bars
Rim ? Depth 60mm High Tg 240��
Rim ? Type Clincher Max Rider ? Weight 125kg
Weight 525+/-15g Decal Customized
ERD 524 Roundness <0.25mm
Weave UD/3K/12K/Twill Standard EN
Finish Matte/Glossy Warranty 2 Years

Description Of Toray 25mm Wide 60mm Deep Carbon Clincher Rims 700C

Full carbon 23mm wide 60mm 700c rims.As you know , the 60mm deep V shape rims is lighter than U shaped rims.Our rims prefer using high TG 240 temperature resin(Carbon clincher rims),it is difference for 180�� version from other supplier.If you need 60mm carbon clincher rims ride in a somewhat steep gradient,you can choose our high TG 255 version,let your racing more safer.

Another opinions about the light weight version for this rims,brake rims in 480+/-15g.It will be help boost the performance of your bike.The trend of 2018 is the road disc brake wheels,700C bicycle with 60mm 700c rims,better durability and great aerodynamic over the rims side of the wheels.

The 60mm carbon 700C rims better for Triathlon carbon wheels,more and more customer build triathlon wheels for this spec: front for 60mm deep v rims,rear for 88mm carbon rims,the trend of this triathlon season,do you like it ?

We can make any decals you need.If you have any inquiry for painting,please feel free to let me know



The 23mm wide 60mm deep rim makes these our recommended wheels for against-the-clock efforts and fast riding in flatter terrain. You’ll immediately notice the extra turn of speed on the flat – and take it easy on the descents. Aerodynamic performance and speed combined with the versatility of the clincher format.


1.Where can i find the max rider weight limit about your wheels?

Please check the specification of product.

2.do you pay shipping for warranty returns?

Possible,but we will refund you if the product will be in quality problems.

3.Do you provide a warranty for superroad Wheels?

2 years warranty for our rims/wheels.

4.Why do you choose external nipples for the superroad rim?

When adjusting the spoke tension or truing the wheel, you don��t need to remove the tires, tube and rim tape.

5.Which rim tape you provide?

Our new design plastic rim tape for tubeless version.Only 3.7g/rim.

6.What maintenance is require for superroad carbon rims?

With an alloy rim when you are braking you can slightly wear off pieces of the aluminum. Over the course of years of use, this can make it where the rim becomes concave and thinner on the brake track. Because carbon rims do not shed any material under braking conditions, the rims will last longer.

Note that you will want to change out your brake pads once they get to the indicator level. Completely worn out brakes will alloy the metal shoes of the brake caliper to contact the carbon rim, and this will be extremely bad for rim longevity!

For cleaning the carbon rims,? use rubbing alcohol and a rag when you long time for ride. Keeping the brake surface clean and making sure the brake pads are free of any debris will ensure maximum longevity of the rims.



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