25mm Carbon Rims TWC46C

Specification Of 46mm Carbon Rim һһTWC46C

Model TWC45C Brake ? Track Basalt/Disc Brake
Material Full Carbon T700 Spoke ? Hole 16/18/20/21/24/28H
Rim ? Width 25mm Max ? Spokes Tension 130kgf
Rim ? Depth 46mm Max ? Tyre Pressure 125Psi/8.5Bars
Rim ? Type Tubeless Compatible High Tg 240��
Brake ? Rims Weight 515+/-15g Max Rider ? Weight 125kg
Disc ? Brake Version 500+/-15g Decal Customized
ERD 552 Roundness <0.25mm
Weave UD/3K/12K/Twill Standard EN
Finish Matte/Glossy Warranty 2 Years

Description Of Carbon Road Rims 700C 25mm Wide 46mm Carbon Rims Clincher Tubeless Compatible

Full carbon 25mm wide 46mm tubeless ready road rim disc brakes is our hot selling design,open the mould focus on Europe market,the rim is suitable for stronger person,build a set of road disc brake wheels in your training,wider disc brake road rims u shaped version more suitable for cyclocross racing.Molded carbon brake track technology.High tg 240�� for our carbon tubeless compatible road rims,it is difference for 180�� version from other supplier.

2 types of version for this rims,

Weight of general design: 515+/-15g.

Weight of disc brake version: 500+/-15g.

Please confirm with us when you place order.

Why the tubeless compatible road rims?Improved rolling resistance over standard clincher,make more power for cyclist.the second,it will be reduced the tire pressure.The third,more aerodynamic than standard clincher.

Why we choose wider rims in U shape? It will be reduced rolling resistance,as we know,when the rims is slightly wider than the tyre when the it contacting the ground,it will be provide huge benefit in terms of lateral resistance,you are going to get better control and handling.The result in faster speed and less power from yourself.You also will get a Aerodynamic benefit.The trend of carbon rims is 20.5mm,23mm wide carbon rims to wider rims in the future.

Recommendation Of Wheels

Rim:Full carbon 25mm wide 46mm deep tubeless rims with basalt brake surface.

Hub:Powerway R36 super light carbon hub.

Spokes:Pillar 1420 spokes.

46mm rims will be difference for local market for sale.Powerway hub is lighter than other brands product,ceramic bearing make the hub more smooth for ride.Why not get some sample for test your market?

What Rim Width Should I Choose?

If you are using under a 2.3 tyre, we suggest the 35mm rim maximum. A 35mm allows the widest range of tyre choice. A 2.2 tyre is best on a 30mm. If you are rolling tyres off rims and burping tyres, use a 35mm. If you are not. then save the weight on the rim and go a 30mm.

If you are a heavier rider (over 90kg kitted up) You will roll (burp) tyres easier in corners, a 41mm rim will help.

A lighter rider than say 60kg. should be looking at a narrower rim and tyre. The extra traction of the larger rims and tyres may be overkill and that traction has a price…Rolling resistance! On all but loose dirt, so your average hardpack trail, a fat tyre and rim will be a bit faster to decelerate, and slower to accelerate. So beware of overkill!

If you want to save weight then go narrower, both the rim and appropriate tyre will be lighter. Still note that a 400g Superroad rim will still outperform a 400g alloy rim, purely from stiffness enabling better precision and acceleration out of corners.

The final note is tyre protection of the rim. If you live in rocky knar. then beware of rock ninjas that can stab/grab into the side of the rim as the tyre grabs on the rock and flicks itself off sideways, especially the rear.

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