2022 Love Ear Day | Jinghao Public Welfare is in action, I hope everyone can listen to the wonderful world

March 3, 2022 is the 23rd National Hearing Day. The theme of the publicity and education activity of this Ear Day is “Caring for Hearing Health, Listening to a Wonderful Future”. The 2021 WHO World Hearing Report pointed out that the number of people with hearing loss and at risk of hearing loss is increasing year by year, and hearing health has become a high concern in modern society.

jinghao medical love ear day

At the event site, Jinhao service staff provided residents with free consultation, hearing examinations, free clinics and other services, calling on the public to take active prevention, early detection, and early intervention for ear diseases to reduce the incidence of deafness, and also distributed relevant publicity materials. , and sent love and condolences to the destitute households, and presented hearing aids to hearing-impaired patients with financial difficulties in their families.

In the early stage of hearing loss, it is difficult to arouse people’s vigilance. Long-term repeated exposure to loud noise environment will lead to hearing loss, and the damage is irreversible. Jinhao Medical has always adhered to the public welfare road to improve the health awareness of ear love and ear protection for users and the public, and to prevent and solve hearing problems. We call on everyone to continue to pay attention to hearing protection and ear protection, and hope that everyone can listen to a wonderful future!

jinghao medical love ear day

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