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What Is The Structure Of The Liquid Crystal

Shunlongwei Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 19, 2015

Arrangement (Figure 1-2A) of the smectic A (or smectic phase) rodlike molecules according to the molecular long axis direction parallel to each other or nearly parallel to the stratification. Molecules can only rotate or slide in the layer, and cannot move between the layers. The molecular motion is restrained, and the viscosity is large.

To the column type (or nematic phase) rodlike molecules in the molecular long axis direction parallel to each other or near parallel staggered (Figure 1-2B) (2). In addition to the molecules can be rotated, sliding back and forth, but also can slide up and down. Obviously, the viscosity of nematic liquid crystal is lower, and the flow property is better than that of the near crystal type. It is currently the main type of display application.

The cholesteric (or cholesteric phase) biliary type liquid crystal molecules are layered, but different and smectic liquid crystalline layered arrangement, the arrangement of the inner molecular layer and nematic liquid crystal similar, but the molecular long axis and layer parallel to the plane, and layer and layer between different molecular orientation, mutual deflection B a certain angle (Figure 1 2C), rotate 360 degrees of the interlayer distance is called the pitch of the cholesteric liquid crystal.

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