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Global LCD LCD Industry Development Status

Shunlongwei Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 19, 2015

1, TN/STNLCD liquid crystal display market

At present TN/STNLCD LCD display is widely used in communication terminals, home appliances, instrumentation and automotive products etc.. This kind of traditional areas in a longer period of time will remain stable demand, communications terminals and vehicle products will be subject to the global development of communication terminals and automotive industry, especially in developing countries and expand the demand for LCD screen. In addition, with the progress of precision manufacturing and electronic information industry, the emergence of a large number of precision instrument and intelligent electronic devices. TN/STNLCD LCD screen also will be in such products play an important role, has become an important growth point of the new period.

2, small and medium size TFT-LCD LCD screen

Small and medium size TFT-LCD liquid crystal display application field is very wide, mainly used in mobile phones, MP3, digital camera, digital camera, digital photo frame, game machine, learning machine, GPS, car display, PDA, etc.. Global medium and small size TFT-LCD liquid crystal display market in the rapid development in recent years, which based on cell phone color as the main driving force and share remained at above 65%. In addition to the MP4, PDA, car display and other products market performance is also very prominent.

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Tel: +86-755-82732562

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Address: Rom512,Bldg#505, Shangbu Industrial Area, Huaqiang North Rd., SZ,518000,China.

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