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TV game industry will enter the white hot competition this year

Shunlongwei Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 19, 2015

With the rapid development of smart TV industry, the major manufacturers have increased from mere hardware competition to include the content of the competition, the TV game become hot. With hardware vendors, Internet giant, game companies, VC has been focus to the field of video games, market research firm Oliver Wyman forecasts, 2015 video game market competition will be more intense, and initially formed stable pattern. But industry insiders believe that the current TV game is still in the early stages of development, there are bottlenecks and problems. Orville consulting report shows that in 2014 the number of intelligent video game products continues to increase, smart TV software nearly half of the game, but although the number of game products most, but downloads only 8.48%, far below the video and tools products. Wang Xin Orville consulting analyst believes that the current game market is still in the development phase, it is expected that with the popularity of the manufacturers of force and smart TV, game product attention will increase rapidly. According to the product type, the smart TV game product type is rich, in which the number of casual puzzle products for the most, mild games become the main entry point, action, chess games are also popular products. Currently the number of games to operate the most, accounting for 51.9%, three of the game products to support the direct operation of the game, the need to control the game still accounts for 18.4% of the proportion of the game, most of which are transplanted in the mobile terminal, the user experience is poor, is expected to gradually reduce the number of future.

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