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Important progress in the development of OLED flexible display screen

Shunlongwei Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 19, 2015

OLED flexible display both flexible and OLED display of the advantages, to achieve a soft, flexible, with excellent display effect, is one of the mainstream of the display technology. Beijing visionox Technology Co., Ltd and Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics through joint research, breaking the flexible OLED display of preparation process in the main material, packaging technology and driving chip core technology development, realized 4.6 inch flexible OLED display small batch preparation, to work through the process of flexible OLED. On this basis, the subject of the successful development of the domestic leading 7.6 inch OLED flexible display sample, for our country to achieve flexible OLED production, into the global flat panel display, the first tier of the hot field of the first tier has laid a solid technical foundation

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Tel: +86-755-82732562

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Address: Rom512,Bldg#505, Shangbu Industrial Area, Huaqiang North Rd., SZ,518000,China.

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