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First line manufacturers to actively invest QD-LCD continued to heat up

Shunlongwei Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 19, 2015

The quantum dots have the characteristics of light emission. The quantum dots (QDEF) will generate red (R) and green light (G), and the same part of the film can be mixed with blue LED backlight, so as to enhance the luminous efficiency of the whole LCD backlight. The technology can effectively improve the color saturation of LCD. Compared with the traditional high color gamut technology, quantum dot technology will be able to increase the LCD color gamut in the case of not increasing the thickness of the CF film. On the other hand, it can also increase the brightness of the backlight and save energy. Accordingly analysis of the wisdom Consulting Group (sigma intell) believe that the quantum dot technology will effectively lead to the traditional method of solving the problem of high color gamut but low brightness, and high brightness must increase number of LED chips and increase energy consumption and cost of the dilemma. No doubt it will provide the best solution for LCD products in the high High gamut OLED (color).

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Tel: +86-755-82732562

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Address: Rom512,Bldg#505, Shangbu Industrial Area, Huaqiang North Rd., SZ,518000,China.

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