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4kLCD liquid crystal display: lonely supporting industrial chain can not keep up

Shunlongwei Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 19, 2015

It is easy to think of the 4K display is slow-moving and high price there is a certain relationship. The beginning of the 4K display price is indeed not close to the people, the price of nearly a thousand dollars, so that users can not accept such products. In order to reduce the price, monitor manufacturers began to buy 4K TN panel, and the 30Hz refresh rate of the display is more popular. In these two "shrink" configuration, the price of the 4K display has finally come down. In mid 2014, the average price of 4K display is about 3000 yuan. Have to launch the brand 4K display but this price still can not let consumers to be tempted and refresh rate of TN panel and 30Hz, also suffered the lot of criticism. Such feedback to the market to allow manufacturers to realize that the 4K display has shrunk too much, and also sell. So after the launch of the 4K display gradually abandoned the 30Hz refresh rate, the display refresh rate increased to 60hz. But due to the wide viewing angle 4K panel costs are still too high, so in price pressure, wide viewing angle of 4K display is still rare, has become a symbol of top products.

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Address: Rom512,Bldg#505, Shangbu Industrial Area, Huaqiang North Rd., SZ,518000,China.

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