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IGBT Module

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Product Details

  • Sell FUJI 7MBR75U4B120 New Stock

· Part Number: 7MBR75U4B120

· Category: IGBT Module

· Manufacturer: FUJI

· Packaging: IGBT module

· Data Code: 2015+

· Qty Available: 250

· Description: 75A/1200V/PIM/7U

7MBR75U4B120 Description

7MBR75U4B120, 75A / 1200V
Fuji Power Integrated Module
Spec. No. MS6M 0855


7MBR75U4B120  5.34 lbs


7MBR75U4B120 could be used in Not Available


Low VCE(sat) Compact Package P.C. Board Mount Module Converter Diode Bridge Dynamic Brake Circuit

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Address: Rom512,Bldg#505, Shangbu Industrial Area, Huaqiang North Rd., SZ,518000,China.

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